25 Feb 2018
2nd Sunday of Lent


God tested Abraham by asking not for an ordinary sacrifice, which would have been a partial burning with the meat divided between God and the people and eaten by those who sacrificed, but for a holocaust, a total burning of the sacrificial animal. This type of sacrifice consecrated the entire offering to God alone. This is what God was asking of Abraham in offering his only son, Isaac. When Abraham demonstrated his obedience, that was enough. This story from today’s scriptures foretells the completion of the blood sacrifices of the old covenant in the new covenant: the blood of God’s own Son, offered to us on the cross and in the Eucharist. Abraham’s obedience foreshadows the obedience of Jesus to God’s promise of salvation. The obedience of Abraham is rewarded in the birth to him, through Isaac, of many nations. The obedience of Jesus is rewarded in the salvation of all people for all time.

Next Infant Baptism will be held on:

  • Sun 4 Mar, 12.45pm
  • Application closes on Sun 18 Feb

Preparatory Session:

  • Sun 25 Feb, 1.30pm in room #03-15 (old annex)
  • Registration begins at 1.15pm
  • Compulsory for 1st time parents and godparents

Download application form and guidelines here.

Will be held every Friday in Lent at 7.30pm followed by Mass at 8.00pm.

*NO 6pm Mass.

Stations of the Cross on Fri 16 Feb (1st Day of CNY) will be held at 9.30am.

We are in urgent need of Catechists! To help lead our children to Jesus...

Do not doubt if you are qualified or capable. Fear not, it is a matter of learning the technique and being able to share the faith! If you are considering the call to serve as a catechist, please contact:

  • Phone: 6358-3124
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or you may speak to one of the priests in the parish.