Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we enter Holy Week, we are also trying to make sense of the anxiety, the pain and suffering that the pandemic has brought about. The global crisis of this pandemic has affected many lives in various and unimaginable ways.

So as we begin Holy Week let us persevere in faith as we offer our prayers and petitions to God for those who are affected and for the well being of those administering to the sick, and for the safety of our loved ones.

The celebration of our faith is being challenged. The usual manner in which we find its strength and importance in the liturgical celebration is not the norm at the moment. Our faith needs to find its growth and expression in the reality of our lives. New situations require new expressions of faith rooted in acts of love. Like the Holy Father said, “Let us try, if we can, to make the best use of this time: let us be generous; let us help those in need in our neighbourhood... even if we are isolated, thought and spirit can go far with the creativity of love. This is what we need today: the creativity of love.”

The whole celebration of Holy Week proclaims the love of God the Father and His Son Jesus. God is love and it is love that is crucified for us to have the gift of eternal life. This hope and this gift is what enables us now to strive to walk the path of holiness.

Soon, at a time that only God knows, we will be back into His house standing around the altar of God with our brothers and sisters, worshipping Him and being nourished at the table of the Eucharist. But this time we will be different. We will be the Easter people for our faith would have been professed, our love would have been lived.

The priests of the Church of the Holy Spirit are aware that this is a difficult time financially for many of you. We are indeed grateful for your support given to the church through the donations received at this time as Masses are suspended. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your generosity.

So let us keep each other in our prayers. The priests of the parish are praying for you and with you too.

The COVID-19 virus has affected our lives and living but not our Faith.
Our life in the Lord continues.
It never comes to a standstill or to an end.

So, keep up the Faith!

God bless,
Fr. Richards Ambrose
Parish Priest

In the current situation where Covid-19 pandemic has prevented us to worship in the church, Church of the Holy Spirit appeals to you for your continued supports, so that the church can continue its maintenance and to carry out its pastoral functions for the community.

We thank you for your generosity and for doing your part in the fight against the current pandemic. We pray that God continue to bless you and keep you always.

Kindly refer to this information on various ways you can make your donations / love offerings.

Due to Covid-19 we are now unable to come together to pray the Stations of the Cross. But don't let this stop us from praying in this special holy season of Lent. Here is the Stations of the Cross material prepared to assist us in our personal prayer.

Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving: these disciplines, prescribed by Jesus himself in the Sermon on the Mount, along with strict instructions not to flaunt them in public to win recognition and praise (Matthew 6:1-18), have been embraced by all the saints at the beginning of every Lent for almost two thousand years. But mention Lent, and many react with a grimace or slight shudder—even now, years after official obligations have been reduced to a minimum! No wonder the Eastern Rite’s “Lenten Announcement” sounds surprising: “Let us receive with joy, O faithful people, the divinely inspired announcement of Lent! The Lenten Spring shines forth! Begin the fast with joy! Let us fast from passions as well as food, taking pleasure in the good works of the Spirit, and accomplishing them in love!” Saint John Chrysostom, whose feast is September 13, elaborates: “Do you fast? Give proof by your works. If you see a poor person, take pity. An enemy, be reconciled. A friend gaining honor, don’t be jealous.” A positive approach! May the saints help us keep such a Lent!


As of this announcement, dating couples intending to enter into marriage in the Catholic Church will be required to book the date of the Church wedding one-year in advance.

The booking will confirm upon the couple signing the acknowledgement of the necessary requirements that the priest will explain to them.